Tips and Tricks

Tip of the day – Bending strings!

When bending always stick the note in tune before you use any vibrato. This will help give you a more polished sound. Step two after sticking the note move the string the same distance up and down keeping the note in tune in the middle. Try this tip on strings 1,2,3

Trick of the day! – Chorus sound on stairway to heaven.

Play your acoustic guitar under a ceiling fan and you will hear how Jimmy Paige got his chorus sound that he recorded on the masterpiece stairway to heaven.

Tip of the day!Instrument cables

Using the right cables in a signal chain is a must. Use only professional grade cables in your chain. The free cables that come with products are sucking down your tone. The shorter the cable the better the signal flow. Instruments cables should be less then 25ft. The longer the cable the more signal you will loose. When chaining effect pedals use 1ft jumpers. Spend the money and buy a pedal power supply (Voodoo labs is very good) This will help keep your signal strong.

Next tip – Speaker cables VSĀ  Instrument cables.